Automating the process of manufacturing fire detectors is becoming more common across all world markets.  

Some advantages:

  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Higher throughput
  • Improved repeatability and traceability

Calibration of smoke detectors has traditionally been a time and labour consuming process.  AW Technology has led the market in the supply of smoke detector calibration tunnels.  The majority have been supplied to high-volume manufacturers with manual loading mechanisms.  Operators load and unload trays of detectors in and out of our tunnels.  However, we are supplying more and more tunnels that integrate into an automated production line.  No more loading delays of errors.

AW Technology can even suggest innovative ways to use our high-tech, high-accuracy aerosol solutions to calibrate your smoke detectors without the need for them to even enter a tunnel.

Although AW Technology does not offer full-package, bespoke automation solutions to our manufacturing clients, we now have significant knowledge of assisting our clients with this requirement.  We offer a range of calibration tunnels that are designed with automation in mind, all proven in world-class production lines.  We can work together with you and your preferred automation partner or help to suggest one of our own recommended partners.

Whatever your requirement, AW Technology can help you to automate your production line and reap all of the associated benefits.  Discuss your requirements with one of experts today.

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