2800 Reference Laboratory Test Tunnel

2800 Reference Laboratory Test Tunnel

The 2800 laboratory fire detector test tunnel is a full size, floor-standing piece of laboratory equipment. This reference tunnel is mainly intended for type approval testing to EN14604, EN54-7 and EN54-5, but is also ideal for fire detector R&D. The duct size permits the capability (with optional accessories) to carry out the high airspeed (gusting) type test for ionisation smoke detectors, and the high luminance (dazzle) type test for optical smoke detectors.

  • Capable of carrying out full range of tunnel tests to EN standards
  • Ideal for test laboratories and fire detector R&D
  • Proven in notified test laboratories all over the world
  • Ability to test to EN54-7, EN54-29, EN14604 and EN54-5
  • Starting temperature range from 5°C to 55°C
  • Grades A1 to C to EN54-5, including tests for suffix R detectors
  • Tests from the maximum application temperature for grades C
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Additional training from AW Technology available
  • Air flow deflector funnel available for high airspeed tests
  • Full size dazzle rig available for testing optical detectors

The following variants are available in the 2000 series:

2800 Combined Smoke / Heat Detector Test Tunnel with Cooling: Designed for testing to EN54-7 and EN14604 from 0°C to 55°C, and to EN54-5 with a starting temperature range from 5°C to 55°C.

More 2000 Series Information

2001 Spare hatch with fixed mounting plate for up to 6 detectors
2003 Hatch with rotating detector mount for directional dependence testing, or for tests at a selected orientation
2004 Spare rotating detector mount (for use with hatch 2003)
2006 Airspeed meter (‘anemometer’) with analogue output integrated with the software
2007 Interface and mount for MIC (standard reference for ionisation detectors)
2008 Optical scatter smoke sensor and software extension to enable simultaneous optical smoke and heat ramp testing (for use with 2800).
2009 Dazzle test rig for high luminance type testing of optical smoke detectors
2010 Airflow deflector funnel for false alarm testing on ionisation detectors to EN54-7 at 5ms-1 and 10ms-1
2011 Hatch and motorised rotating detector mount with software control


Overall mechanical parameters are as follows.

Overall size of tunnel: 3.15m long * 0.86m wide * 1.60m high
Internal cross section of duct: 470mm wide by 370mm high
Working volume cross section for smoke detectors: 350mm * 250mm
Working volume cross section for heat detectors: 350mm * 100mm
Extract via 150mm diameter flexible duct (requires a back draught shutter)
Size of cooling unit supplied with 2700 and 2800: 0.9m long * 0.78m wide * 1.15m high.

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