9200 Carbon Monoxide Detector

9200 Carbon Monoxide Detector Tester / Calibrator

The 9200 from AW Technology is the latest addition to the company’s cutting-edge product portfolio. Utilising the latest technology, and combined with AW Technology’s expertise in the industry, the 9200 delivers a truly pioneering approach towards calibrating Carbon Monoxide detection products.

The product is ideally suited to be used for calibrating and testing CO alarm and detection products in high volume manufacture. It is supported by the very latest software to ensure maximum output and performance.

  • Test chamber can be controlled to a fixed CO concentration (30 to 500ppm), with general air circulation in range 0.1 to 0.5m/s as required by EN50291-1, EN54, and for calibration of CO sensors in detectors.
  • Test chamber can be controlled to carry out ramp tests • in the range 1 to 6 ppm/minute as required by EN54 CO fire detector standards. Note that the airspeed will not be as well controlled or as constant in EN54 smoke tunnels, but this has been shown not to affect the measured response value.
  • Tests/calibrates at room temperature.
  • Timed sequences can be controlled by software as required.
  • Main reference is calibrated automatically as required. 
  • Safety interlocks on gas injection and opening of main chamber door. 
  • Will fit same size trays as 3000 series (2 or 3 as specified on order).
  • 6 off conventional detector interfaces (9V to 24V) and 6 off voltage free inputs for alarm point detection. 
  • Client to interface with detectors for factory calibration. 
  • Built in PC and touch screen. 

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