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Case Study: AW Technology colaborate with Blue Frog Design on our new 9200 Carbon Monoxide Detector Tester / Calibrator

Case Study: AW Technology colaborate with Blue Frog Design on our new 9200 Carbon Monoxide Detector Tester / Calibrator


AW Technology is a pioneer in safety technology, with a focus on developing high-performance calibration equipment for smoke and Carbon Monoxide detection products. Their latest innovation, the 9200 Carbon Monoxide Detector Tester / Calibrator, epitomizes AW Technology's commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry​​.

The Challenge:

The primary challenge was to create a product that not only met the stringent requirements of EN50291-1 and EN54 standards but also provided a user-friendly interface and efficient performance for high-volume manufacturing of CO detection products. It was essential for the product to deliver precision testing capabilities, robustness, and reliability to maintain AW Technology's reputation in the market​​.

The Solution:

To achieve this, AW Technology partnered with Blue Frog Design, a product design studio known for their problem-solving approach and creative expertise​​. Blue Frog Design brought to the table their vast experience in industrial design, integrating technical proficiency with aesthetic considerations to ensure the 9200 met both functional and user experience targets​​.

Product Development:

The 9200 is a state-of-the-art product that enables controlled calibration of CO detectors with fixed CO concentration levels and ramp tests, along with timed sequences managed by sophisticated software. It incorporates safety interlocks, versatile chamber interfaces, and a built-in PC with a touchscreen, catering to the needs of modern manufacturing environments​​.


The collaboration between AW Technology and Blue Frog Design was grounded in a mutual understanding of the importance of design in adding value and ensuring product success. Blue Frog's ethos of creating products that enrich lives and consider environmental responsibility resonated with AW Technology's vision, resulting in a product that was not just technically superior but also environmentally conscious​​.

AW Technology On BlueFrog:

Reflecting on the collaboration, David Haigh of AW Technology remarked, "The partnership with Bluefrog has been instrumental in creating such a professional and successful product. Their blend of technical expertise and design acumen has resulted in a product that we're proud to offer to our clients."

BlueFrog on AW Technology:

Considering our joint efforts, Chris Samwell of Bluefrog Design said “AW Technology have been a pleasure to work with. Their proactive approach to co-operation set the stage for a fruitful collaboration. Their openness and our mutual appreciation of each other's skill sets, fostered the right environment where ideas could grow and consequently the process has delivered an outstanding machine.”  

The Future:

With the launch of the 9200, AW Technology is set to deliver the first unit to C-TEC in Wigan on the 27th of November, marking a significant milestone in the product's journey and reaffirming AW Technology's commitment to innovation and quality in the field of safety technology​​.


The 9200 Carbon Monoxide Detector Tester / Calibrator stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between AW Technology and Blue Frog Design, showcasing the potential of combining technical expertise with innovative design to create products that are not only effective but also pave the way for a safer future.

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