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Aw Technology team return from commissioning for Olympia Electronics

AW Technology team return from commissioning for Olympia Electronics

Our team recently visited Olympia Electronics of Thessaloniki, Greece, to commission a brand new 3100 Calibration Tunnel. 

Our 3000 series optical detector calibration tunnels are designed for calibrating optical smoke detectors and smoke alarms in production. The tunnels can be maintained at a constant aerosol concentration for calibration and are controlled by an optical scatter sensor. The main section of the 3000 series tunnel is the same as the 1000 series, so it can still be used for R&D and batch sensitivity testing.

Olympia Electronics is the leading Greek business in the electronics safety and security industry, exporting its products to 72 countries worldwide. 

They are active in developing innovative electronic safety and security systems using the latest state of the art technology. 

Chris Atkiss, AW Technology Business Development Manager, commented, "It's always a pleasure to visit Greece and our long-standing client Olympia Electronics. Their state of the art facility now houses two 3100 Calibration Tunnels and 1000 series Heat Tunnel.

For more information on our range of tunnels visit:

Olympia Electronics

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