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At AW Technology we have a proud history of being innovators in our industry. We are constantly pushing the boundaries and leading the way in developing the latest, cutting edge technology for the fire detection and alarm industry. Our expertise, and capability for innovation, has seen our technology be deployed by the industry across the globe in some of the most iconic buildings and construction projects.

All of our products undergo exhaustive research, testing, development and fine tuning before being supplied to the market.  This work is carried out by our hugely talented and dedicated team of industry experts, who possess decades of experience and extensive knowledge in delivering the very best technology. Our team works diligently to ensure each one of our products meets world-class standards, ensuring our clients have complete confidence in our technology and its subsequent performance.



New electronics designs form the core of many of our research, development and test equipment projects. AW Technology has a group of electronics design engineers whose key skills include designing circuits with the following features:

  • Analogue sensor interfaces
  • Digital circuitry
  • Microcontroller core
  • User interface
  • Efficient power supplies
  • Low power consumption
  • Low cost, high volume manufacture.

PCB layout is carried out in-house by electronics engineers. This is important to produce totally engineered designs having good immunity to noise and EMC, and optimum thermal management. AW Technology is familiar with the latest developments in detector packaging and assembly.



AW Technology's experience in designing sensors and detectors has given us the leading edge in creating test tunnels for the market, as we understand what our clients need from our product in terms of accuracy, compliance and beyond. 

Our teams past experience includes the development of infrared (IR) detectors and systems for space, military, and commercial applications and the production of the first low-cost IR sensors for mass market PIR security alarms.

As a company we have had direct involvment in the creation of flame and optical beam detectors and sensor chambers for point optical scatter detectors. In total we have designed, or contributed to the design of, at least 10 optical scatter smoke sensors available in the market today. 



Our team's experience with software programming languages C & C++, along with a background in microcontroller families, has enabled us to develop our own software for our current range of products.

This software implements real-time control of test equipment such as smoke or heat tunnels. It also provides a clear and easy user interface for the operator. 

Our history of product development includes embedded software within a microcontroller incorporated into the product design. This enables us to add signal processing and intelligent decision making to complex functionality. 

The aim is to automate as much as possible, so that equipment can be used with the minimum of training, and increase productivity.

AW Technology

AW Technology is the leading independent provider of technology to the fire detection and alarm industry. We are based in the United Kingdom, but we operate worldwide.


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