At AW Technology, we work with smoke alarms all day long. Our test tunnels are used to asses them and ensure that they function properly. Recently, our Tunnel Product Manager David Haigh, had a hands on experience with the Cavius smoke alarms he’s so used to using at work.

David currently has three Cavius RF smoke alarms on test in his home. ‘RF’ stands for ‘radio-frequency’ and means that the smoke alarms are wirelessly connected with each other. If one goes off, they all go off. David has one on the ground floor (1), one on the middle floor (2), and one on the top floor (3).

David says that, last week, “Someone in my family dropped a towel onto our gas cooking hob not realising that a burner was still alight. They then left the kitchen and joined me, two floors up, unaware that a fire was starting in the kitchen.”

David’s old mains powered ionisation smoke alarm went off, but was inaudible to David, who was two floors up and separated by closed doors. The Cavius smoke alarms may have saved the lives of David and his family. Triggered by Alarm 1 near the kitchen, Alarm 3 on the top floor soon went into alarm, which allowed David to locate the fire down in the kitchen and extinguish it before it spread from the cooker.

Never have we been happier to have put our faith in our testing abilities and in our partner’s products. Thanks to our colleagues at Cavius, you are literally live savers!

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